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Lever-action CLEAR Grease Gun
Pistol-grip CLEAR Grease Gun
Replacement CLEAR barrel


Replacement CLEAR polycarbonate barrels

  • CLEAR polycarbonate barrels available in choice of 7 colour-coded ends: red, green, gold, black, blue, silver & purple
  • fits 2.280-16 UNS non-standard threads

Grease & Fluid Compatibility

Our grease guns and CLEAR polycarbonate barrels are designed for use with grease only.

We have found that ester-based greases, synthetic greases and fluids have an adverse effect on the CLEAR polycarbonate barrel.  Ester-based products can cause fogging, cracking and fracturing of the barrel.  Products known to cause these issues are listed below and should not be used:-

  1. AeroShell 33 grease
  2. AeroShell 7 grease
  3. Skydrol products
  4. Brake fluid

Furthermore, care should be taken to keep ester-based products from coming in contact with the outside of the CLEAR polycarbonate barrel.  This includes storage in close proximity to the incompatible chemicals.

If you are in any doubt about the grease you intend to use, consult the MSDS sheet or contact the lubricant manufacturer to be sure there is no ester-based oils in the grease.  Cracked or fractured CLEAR polycarbonate barrels that were found to be used in the presence of ester-based products will not be honoured for warranty.